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Structured cabling is the design and installation of a cabling system that will support multiple hardware uses and be suitable for today’s needs and those of the future. With a correctly installed system, current and future requirements can be met, and hardware that is added in the future will be supported 

Techniz engineers will design, plan, engineer and execute the wiring footing needed to link up your current and future needs. From single to multi-point connectivity, we can custom design a cable infrastructure for your organization today that will be scalable for future growth. If you’re thinking about rewiring or reorganizing your present system to draw up for broadening that’s well within our wheelhouse too. We have experience with enterprise and small business, Government accounts, schools, financial institution, retail, and medical facilities across the Middle East.

Termination and Testing

Cable termination practices are vital for the complete and accurate transfer of both analog and digital information signals. Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) termination is the recommended method of copper termination recognized by ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-A for UTP cable terminations. Commonly called punch-down connections, these connections require the use of a small punch-down tool to properly secure the cable to terminal block. 

Cable testing to both predict and then deal with faults is avital concern for all those involved with the distribution of electricity. A wide range of test techniques and test equipment are available to allow this concern to be effectively addressed, but cable testing can, nevertheless, be a challenging task


Cable Tracing, Labelling & Dressing

The biggest problem with cable is its inherent nature to become entangled with other cables.  Because a majority of installers were already frustrated with the process of dressing cable by hand it was important to develop a cable comb that would limit this frustration and at the same time reduce their dress-in times in a variety of dressing scenarios. TECHNIZ have most experience team to complete wiring identification and labels for a wide range of industries and applications. Designed for the most rigorous indoor or outdoor use, our portfolio of wiring spotting and labelling features flexible options including adhesive-backed wiring and cable labels, heat-shrinkable sleeves, cable markers, and hardware/software systems for onsite customization.


Re Structuring

Looking to remodel an existing infrastructure? TECHNIZ designs and lodge versatile, extensile integrated and cost-effective systems to fit your company’s fatten needs. We create schematics of your current network infrastructure, as well as a proposed solution. That way, you see the benefits to make your business network more safe and secure.

Backbone Installation

The backbone cabling system layout linkage between telecommunications rooms, equipment rooms, main terminal space, and entrance facilities. It includes backbone cables, halfway and main cross-connects, mechanical terminations, and patch cords or jumpers used for backbone-to-backbone cross-connections. The backbone also extends between buildings in a campus environment.

Fusion Splicing


Making a classic splice with little reflection is extremely important. Keeping this in mind, experience engineer is important factor in creating a proper splice. TECHNIZ will provide accurate preparation which is paramount with our engineers. And we will ensure to strip, clean and cleave the fiber in a professional manner. Using the fusion splicer itself is fairly easy as the machine does most of the work. A fusion splicer is specifically designed to precisely weld the optical fiber


Cabling Repairs & Trouble Shooting

If you’re having a problem with your cabling, then you might be suffering through a number of different kinds of symptoms. Maybe you’re getting no connection at all, you’re not able to see the network, and, obviously, not able to connect to anything over the network. Maybe you have a connection, but the data that you’re sending is very slow. You’re getting very bad throughput when you’re trying to transfer information through the network. Or maybe your connection is telling you that you’re connected, and then it’s telling you that you’re not connected, then it’s telling you you’re connected again. This is obviously indicative of some kind of cable problem. TECHNIZ certified engineers can resolve the issue by troubleshooting the entire networking system and repair with most efficient spare parts and certified testing tools.

Other Services


Cords & Inner-Duct Tubing
Redesigning Of Existing Network
Data & Voice Cable Installations
Dry Riser Installation & Services
Data Center Build-Out
Communication Room Installation
Cabling Moves, Add & Changes
Complete Equipment Racking System Including
Horizontal & Vertical Cabling
Indoor & Outdoor cabling
Underground Arial cabling
Audio visual over copper and fiber


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